Things I shouldn’t ask

Before grocery shopping yesterday, we took the stock of the fridge.

Last week’s deli meat? Gone.

Eggs not hatched? Bonus.

Milk still liquid? Nice.

Bread even a little soft? All right, then.

Cheese mostly not fuzzy? Good enough.

But, wait! Mr.Q wanted to know about my cream cheese. Surely, I’d had that for a while. Come to think of it, I had – at least two weeks. Ick. It must be bad…

Being the cheapo’s that we are [uh…yeah…that’s it], we checked the expiry date.

March 2006.

eeww. What the hell do they do to cream cheese to make it last over 4 months??? No, don’t tell me, as I’d still like to be able to eat it. Most often, I take expiry dates as suggestions or warnings: ‘hey, your milk/yoghurt might kinda maybe think about going off within the next, oh say, week or so’. But, c’mon. March 2006?

I’ve gotten over the fact that my pre-shredded asiago lasts for eons [as long as I don’t think about it too much], but this cream cheese thing could take a while to adjust to.

Who knows, with as fickle as my eating has become of late, the cream cheese may actually still be around in March. I’ll let you know, then, if cream cheese expiry is what they say it is, or a suggestion only.


side note: in case anyone notices, I really was going to put a link up to last week’s Blog Explosion tenant on the bottom of the left side bar where it says “previous tenants”, but his site’s been MIA since roughly last Wednesday. So, it seems a little redundant…

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