Three posts in one! A new level of multi-tasking to catch up on 6 days of family [and therefore, little blogging] .

we survived


One more Christmas down – and this one, complete with parents. Now that was amazing. We kept them pretty busy with visiting cousins, their friends, my friends, their siblings and Mr. Q’s relatives.

Christmas dinner went well and not too late, despite the large, last minute influx of Mr.Q’s extended family. Not to worry, though – they’re coming back New Year’s Eve for more fun and frivolity.

Despite threats and posturing, small baby-related items were given and received by all [brag book, name book, etc] and those gifts I was worried about never came to be [actually both gifts I was concered about turned out to be quite kick-ass items].

can you ShoutTM that out too?

Of course, after the last prenatal visit, I was pronouced disgustingly healthy and sent away. My gut, it turns out, is not expanding at an exclamation-worthy rate and I am so healthy that I now get a five week break before my next appointment. Dr.R will be galavanting around on far away continents and won’t be back in time to see me in four weeks. Tsk – for shame! I have to keep account of any movements that I feel [none of which I’m convinced of, yet – though the more you look for it…] and that’s it. Business as usual.

The newest baby news? While it is well established that the mom-to-be may get new pigmentation in the form of a mask or linea nigra, I have, of course, developed a variation on that theme: I have ring-around the belly-button.

Disturbing, but true. The skin around the edge of my ever-expanding navel looks like it missed out on the sunscreen before a day at the beach. Some people think it’s funny.

I’m keeping my eye on Mr.Q in case he decides to go for the magic marker and start drawing little stretchy faces…

the tenants

Thanks everyone who visited Ficken Chingers – hope you enjoyed! She’ll be added to the ‘previous tenants’ section if you’d like to keep up on her postings.

I will see if anyone else would like to be my tenant in the next couple of days, so keep checking back!

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