No Vacancy

Oh wow – I left my rental offer up at Blog Explosion for the day [because checking email at work quickly on the communal computer is one thing, but working on one’s blog simply begs for a whole other level of trouble] and came back tonight to find more-than-expected offers from some great sites.

Too many decisions for a Libra to make…

But, in the end, I’m only allowed one renter, so welcome But I Digress!

In his own words, it’s: “…social commentary, anti-social commentary and the occasional dirty word”. And that kinda sums it up nicely. From obligatory post-Christmas ponderings to dissecting television to disturbingly long words to meat-eating musings, the blog runs the gamut of lovely rants.

So take a moment and pay a visit [link, as usual, just over there on your left].

2 responses to “No Vacancy

  1. Thank you for the use of the space! I’ll be a model tenant. (Pay no attention to strange noises or odors coming from the sidebar …)

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