cord question

Now that the vast majority of the holiday season is behind us [insert chocolate/gravy/desserts winding up on butts/hips/thighs joke here] my brain has clicked over, with full force, to the next assigned priority: baby prep.

Yep, I put it [mostly] off ‘until the new year’ or until ‘after Christmas’ and now it’s there. Now front and centre and ready for discussion! Get ready for: ultrasounds, decorating, names, classes and, most recently, cord blood.

With the caveat of having yet to discuss this with Dr. R [’cause if she’s not into doing it, there’s not really any point in pursuing…] I’m having the public vs private bank dilemma. Okay, it’s not much of a dilemma as I’m having public bank tendencies but, of course, the private banks get you on the whole ‘what-if’ premise. And that’s a pretty big draw.

Because of my job and as a wannabe blood donor [my veins kinda suck], I’m certainly leaning toward trying to save the cord blood in some fashion. Now, of course, it’s not always feasible to properly collect it, collect enough or transport a good collection in a timely manner. All that aside, as the issues are similar across the board, I’m still left with public bank vs. private bank.

Mr. Q, in his wisdom, can see merit in each. [oooh. helpful]

It may come down to Dr. R: how many collections, and for which banks, has she been involved with? It may come down to the various information packages and how helpful the individual banks are at answering my anal lab-rat questions.

It may come down to simply whether or not I [and/or Mr. Q] meet all the criteria.

2 responses to “cord question

  1. I’m a RN who has worked in Bone Marrow, Stem Cell, and Cord Blood transplants — and have seen them all cure “incurable” cancers. I encourage you to do what you can to bank your cord blood, and although I’m a leaner towards the public banks — because I know of so many people who are hoping for a match to save their lives — I’m really glad that you’re considering sharing the byproduct of life. Congrats on doing the right thing.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on this! I’m certainly going to look a little further into the public banks and see if I’m a suitable candidate. [fingers crossed!]

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