pants suck!

About a month ago I broke down and purchased a pair of “early” maternity jeans – really low rise, with a stretch band at the top. They’ve been most comfortable, until the last week or so.

Perhaps two weeks ago, I tried to wear a pair of my pre-preg dress pants for a few hours one evening and decided that the mortal discomfort really wasn’t worth it: I purchased a pair of dressy, slightly more forgiving “early” maternity pants the next day.

So, count ’em: two pairs of mat pants, one of which is becoming less comfortable each day. And I’m 18 weeks.

My friend, 2 months further along than I, broke down and bought her first mat clothes 2 weeks after I did [ergo: 10 weeks further along than I was] and, upon receiving their Christmas card today, Mr.Q and I noted that her proclaimed 6 and 1/2 month belly looks like she maybe, might have eaten a extra fries with her most recent supper. Maybe.

Now, this is the same friend who [and more power to her] is a freakish an avid exerciser and has kept running and hiking throughout and plans on taking only 3 months off [yeah, but they do that in the states]. But still…

On top of this, my mom and mom-in-law [I now find out] have been harassing Mr.Q and I for belly photos. Ack. Why, exactly, do I really want all of both home towns opining on the stretch of my mid-section??

At the rate my clothing options are disappearing, they may get more of a belly shot than they bargained for…

2 responses to “pants suck!

  1. So how long were you planning on taking off of work? (3 months is the longest of people in the states that I know of taking off — some are more like just a couple of months)…

  2. I get a year – a few years ago, it was lengthened from the previously alotted 6 months to a full 52 weeks. Then afer my year, Mr.Q is able to take [and seems have every intention of taking!] 37 weeks. We figure that should take us through to Jan 2008… which, written like that, is actually a long ways away… though, with the way day care is in the city, we’ll need that long to get through some of the waiting lists.

    I thought many places in the states offerred 6 months??

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