i am such a sucker

Damn it. Cute little labels, tags and captions get me all the time. I’m a sucker for aesthetics. It’s how I buy wine [quite successfully, actually], it’s how I buy electronics, it’s how I buy PS2 games for Mr.Q and how I buy new poetry journals or books [famous/critically acclaimed poet? psh! it’d better have good/quirky cover art].

And so, I joined a new fancy-schmancy referral system in the making called BlogMad.net

Hey, it’s a cute button – I can hardly be held responsible!

So, now, I wait and see what comes of it. [pssst – see the little googly-eyed guy over in the right sidebar? cute, huh? go on, you know you wanna click him and sign up…]


We received and inordinate number of gift certificates this year for Christmas – and that’s good. Many were, however, for Chapters. And that’s good too but, in store, there’s not always a big selection of CDs or poetry books.

So, getting suckered in again, Mr. Q and I went on line and went nuts with the books [uh, yeah, because I’m not far enough behind on my reading as it is…] and CDs. I can see how sisterQ finds online shopping, particularly in her small-town, [reddish]neck of the woods, quite appealing.

Coming soon to a stereo near me: Esthero [Wikked Lil’ Grrrls], The Tragically Hip [Yer Favourites] and James Blunt [Back to Bedlam].

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