is it safe to anger the dentist??

I had an early follow-up dental appointment this morning and I may have, in my pre-caffeinated state, inadvertently irritated [if not flat-out angered] the guy in charge of my dental state.

Background info: I am a grinder.

Um…I mean, I viciously gnash my teeth at night while sleeping such that my jaw and neck sometimes hurt and this can, on occassion, lead to headaches. [oh, I read way too much mimi in NY]

As a result, I have, over the years, been given night guards by various dental practitioners – all of which work for a while and then…don’t. So, earlier in the year, after noting some wear and tear while checking on a newly ground tooth, molds were taken for another guard.

Since it’s arrival [such icky things – always cloudy plastic in the same awkwardly large, ventilated case that hasn’t been improved upon since the beginning of time], I’ve tried it a total of three separate times and it’s always produced nasty tension headaches.

Apparently, that can be corrected. But, while he was working on it this morning, I commented on the fact that sometimes a person’s teeth can shift around a bit during pregnancy [never mind all the other evils associated with that]. Combine that with the fact that I’m sleeping in new and wacky tension-inducing positions in an effort to get comfortable, would it not be more appropriate to maybe deal with this all later…? [actually, I believe I asked him if this was all redundant. likely not my best choice of words.]

He noted that my question was “interesting” and proceeded to inform me of the unquestionable and extreme damage that I have already inflicted on my teeth [four years’ worth of enamel – gone! the implied part, of course, that the enamel disappeared in less than four years…but no one actually said that] and, really, how I can I not be interested in correcting this now.

Uh, okay.

And so I begin again. If my posts in the near future seem cranky, I swear it will have nothing to do with baby stress, the phase of the moon or you, dear readers. It’s all my dentist’s fault.

Or mine, for questioning his dental prowess.


But I Digress… after his week in the sidebar, has left, but his link will live on with Ficken Chingers in the ‘previous tenants’ portion of the links. Keep checking in on them!

One response to “is it safe to anger the dentist??

  1. I also grind my teeth, so much that I’ve cracked all my teeth.

    The dentist suggested the mouthguard to me but since I have no dental plan, I’ve never gotten it since it’s at least $100. Now it’s scary to hear that you have to keep replacing them, I don’t have that kinda money.

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