a summer wedding

maid matron [shudder] of honour”!!!

Yay, me!

sisterQ’s wedding has been tentatively scheduled for August, upon being able to find a suitable venue for the rather smallish event.

I am allowed to wear “whatever I want”. That’s good, because I have no idea what the hell is going to fit me a mere 2 months after the birth of babyQ.

Oh yeah, I’ll be attending the wedding with a 2 month old. [and Mr.Q, of course. and my parents, but they’re supposed to be paying attention to the wedding.] How bright is this?? I have no idea, but I’m assuming it’s still brighter than, say, the attendance of sisterQ’s soon-to-be nephews-in-law (7 and ?4 years old). That’s just crazy.


Welcome to the Opiated Sherpa – tenant for the week!

A little bit o’ good Canadian writing for you. He’s from Calgary, hometown of Mr.Q [and therefore the parents-in-law, but we won’t hold that against the fair-ish city or the Sherpa]. Click on the thumbnail in the left sidebar and have a read!


Yay Canada – we won the world junior hockey championship!!

Yay last college football game of the season yesterday! I don’t care who won, as long as there are no more games!!

2 responses to “a summer wedding

  1. First thanks for coming by my site. Always glad to meet new blogfriends. That’s what I told my bridesmaids, I gave them a color(pretty simple, red) and as long as the color matched they could wear anything they wanted. It actually came out really nice. Also, as you are a sucker for labels and tags, I just came across a cute idea for a wedding gift. Go to the liquor store and ask for three bottles of wine, that will all reack their peak at the time of the couple’s 1st, 5th, and 10th wedding anniversary. Then you label them: To be opened on this date. I thought it was cute. Love your site BTW! (and dentists are overrated!)

  2. I love the wine idea and there are a few shops in the area that would be very into helping with that.


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