the three page list

It’s the new year. [yeah, I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes]

I previously put off everything that vaguely resembled “babyQ” until the new year as:

1. that would still give us plenty of time to sort everything out
2. I needed to get through December and have some shred of sanity remain intact [no smartass comments…]

Now, therefore, I must deal. Mr.Q and I [at his request, no less] sat down on the 1st of January and drafted a To Do list of mammoth proportions.

Some of it is little stuff that can be crossed off easily [like repotting/getting rid of the plants that live in the soon-to-be baby room] , but we just need help remembering that we have to do it. Other stuff [like pick a paint colour and then actually paint or visit the bank and review our finances] are a little more labour intensive.

No pun intended…

So, we have a list that’s three small notebook pages long. On proper paper, it wouldn’t be more than a page, but the fact that it’s 3 pages long makes it look disconcertingly worse.

One thing we can cross off the list after tomorrow morning: ultrasound!

Photos to follow…

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