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Yes, the previous post was brief, nearly abrupt, and completely devoid of any interesting material other than the link to the photos. [shown again here]

However, my dad was back in town – en route to out of town – and was staying for a few days. Spending a significant amount of time on the computer, let alone posting on the blog that he [theoretically] doesn’t know exists, was made a little more difficult. We did have all sorts of discussions, drank [decaf] coffee and watched a little Monty Python – all in all, quite relaxing – even including the mandatory excessively over-populated dinner out with the relatives .. you know, the ones I only see when my parents are in town.

But, he’s off on a plane today, and we have our house back.

Now, Mr.Q and I can finally discuss, without fear of inducing eyeball rolling or utter boredom, the ultrasound, paint colours and names.

If I was following the progression of the ultrasound correctly [sometimes I was, and that seemed to pleasantly surprise the tech, while other times I was horrifically out in left field], then the tech definitely took a picture that would let someone who is able to interpret these things identify whether or not babyQ is a boy or a girl.

As someone who is not at all able to interpret these things, I have formed my own nearly-unfounded opinion [boy], contradictory to the completely-unfounded opinion [girl] we had previously formed. This previous opinion was based solely on the fact that of all siblings in both families, Mr.Q is the only boy. Ergo, the family produces lots of girls….thus, so will we. Uh, yes, I took genetics classes in university and that little thought process makes absolutely no sense. But, I figure, it’s bound to be as accurate as any other “test” [heartrate, carrying high/low, needle test etc] out there!

However, my ultrasound interpretation is based on how I viewed most of my ultrasound: with reality sinking in about 30 seconds after the fact. Hey, wait a minute, he just said that was the head! Then, that means that maybe that side of the screen was the front and then, therefore… hey! wait a minute! He just said that was the spine, and that means … Hey! Wait a minute! If that was the tailbone, then … what did that look like again??

Hardly the kind of thing I’d want to put any money on.

In the end, if he really did take a photo that would help determine boy vs. girl, we won’t know about it until our next appointment with Dr.R in a few weeks. And that’s fine. Either one of us is completely happy, regardless of boy/girl. It’s just nice to know – even knowing that it’s only a best guess.

Other than that, all measurements that were taken were bang on with the gestational age, and the tech commented that “everything looked good”. Which, considering that they’re not supposed to say much, seems pretty damned decent to me. [yay!]

Now the photos are up and friends and family have been flocking. I’m sure most of the hits are my mother, but that’s to be expected. Unfortunately, everyone now expects more photos of me…damn it.

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