are we sure it’s still not yesterday?

Ugh, yesterday was insanely long [hence the no posting]. What should have been a slightly longer than usual first day back after a long weekend of entertaining my dad, turned into ridiculously long day instead. Necessary, for reasons beyond our control [courier delays] but damned long.

Now, I’m kinda cranky. I’m just tired and looking forward to a long day tomorrow and the possibility of being called in on Saturday. Right now, I’ve emails to write, emails to follow up on [which, due to crankiness, I won’t do tonight] and sleep to search for. I’ve already made up with the cat and dog for not spending time with them last night. So, I think that, tonight, sleep wins.


I think that several of the women at work are more anxious to find out babyQ’s gender than Mr.Q and I are. I mean, yes we absolutely want to know, otherwise we wouldn’t have asked, but it is what it is and all knowing does is slant our naming choices. It doesn’t really change anything for us, aside from allowing us to drop the “it” pronoun [which just seems rather rude, really, even for an unborn fetus].

I’m getting kicked with a little more frequency and force now, so perhaps it’s getting sick of “it” too.

3 responses to “are we sure it’s still not yesterday?

  1. lol – i’d probably want to know the sex too…referring to the baby as ‘it’ would drive me crazy! “It” sounds like you’re referring to some sea creature or Bigfoot or something. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. We opted to not know. Actually I didn’t want to know so I said if she could give me a good reason why knowing would help us then we could ask. We already had hand me downs for both sexes on hand. The room was already done up so there was no gain.

  3. I think part of it is just because we were under the impression that it would be difficult to find out – it sort of was, as there was only one clinic that we could go to where they will send the info to the doctor IF they see it. Kind of that whole reverse psycholog thing, I guess… ๐Ÿ˜€

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