rain, rain

Okay, yes I live on the wet coast. It shouldn’t be shocking, but we’re on our way to a new consecutive-days-of-rain record, so of course that’s all anyone can talk about.

And it really has been a lot of rain.

As an added bonus – my umbrella is in the back of Mr.Q’s uncle’s vehicle in the prairies. They were out over Christmas, borrowed it to run out their car and I haven’t seen it since.

Yes, we have other umbrellas, but they are the uber-large golf variety that you can’t go walking down the street in without getting cursed at. In a city where everyone is walking with an umbrella, you really have to take up only your fair share of sidewalk space. It’s either that, or get relegated to the street-edge of the side walk for a puddle soaking. The biggest umbrella in the world can’t save you from an accordion bus and a backed up sewer drain.

It is, however, impractical to purchase an umbrella during the almost-longest stretch of rain on record. Prices are jacked up and pickings are slim. All available umbrellas are either standard issue black/blue, and therefore easily confused and lost/stolen, or slightly malformed and misshapen [no, really, the one arm is supposed to go like that..for, um, yeah, drip control…].

So, I get a little wet. Neither my low-maintenance hair nor my low-application make up require that I avoid rain at all costs and my jacket is made for the weather. The only thing I worry about is my dear purse, but even that will survive quick outdoor excursions.

By the time I get annoyed and/or wet enough to get around to buying a new umbrella, the rain will have stopped, the record will be set and I’ll need a new spring jacket instead.


Bye to tales of the opiated sherpa and thanks to those who clicked through to check him out! He’s been added to the esteemed list of previous tenants and the space is now back for rent [via BlogExplosion]. Check back in a bit for the next tenant.

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