I’m sorry, I have time for this??

Forget the fact that I won’t have the time to actually participate: how cool is this?? A mycological society that kicks off the new year with a survivors’ banquet… [credit where credit is due: I originally read about this in The Province newspaper]

I don’t know any of these people and I love them already. They think mushrooms and fungi are cool and they have a twisted little sense of humour. Under any other circumstances I would be undeniably compelled to join immediately.

However, I’ve been given homework by my contractor [are they allowed to do that?] that needs doing yesterday should I ever want my basement finished, I’ve been neglecting one writers’ group and slacking in my editing and creating for another, I wanted to try and attend a photography group with a friend, choir is starting up next week and [god forbid!] there’s a baby room to work on. So, no, I don’t think I can justify a new, albeit most enticing, sidetrack.

[damn…I kinda sound ADD, don’t I…]

Perhaps, in light of all I need to focus on and get done in the next little while, I simply hold a survivors’ banquet of my own for Mr.Q and I and put mushroom soup on the menu.


Welcome to Motherhood Uncensored! She’s the new tenant for the week and with categories like ‘for the men’, ‘life’s deep questions’, and ‘bitchin knittin’, it may just seem that there’s a little something for everyone. [I haven’t shied away from the profanities here, though they do seem limited to being quoted in the lyrics of one song (and well worth it!). But it’s only fair to warn you!]

Be sure and click over and have a read!


oh so happy Friday the 13th and full moon! So far, so good…

2 responses to “I’m sorry, I have time for this??

  1. Thanks for the rental space! And, yes, there are a few “french” words here and there – but nothing too harsh, I hope šŸ™‚ BUT, always good to warn…

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