I think I’ve managed to do some minor, perhaps insignificant, alterations to the way things may appear on this page…

Confused?? Me too….

If I’ve done everything correctly, then there should now be little info boxes appearing over many of the sidebar text links that inform you of things like “opens in new window” or, in the case of the BlogRoll [which all open in a new window], what kind of blog it is [journal, photo blog, current events, etc]. Apparently, this feature doesn’t work in all browsers. It seems to work for me in IE; please let me know if it’s working for you!

I’ve also culled the BlogRoll a little, but will likely be adding a few more blogs in the next little while. I’ve also disabled the “updated!” note that appeared [it may have been interfering with the blog description], but I’ll try to bring it back.

I know this is likely all for me more than you, dear readers, but, if you’re so inclined, take moment and check it all out!

If you’re also inclined, I’ve put two Quarter Rest buttons up in the right sidebar. Now you can link back in style: just save the button of your choice, put it up on your site and link it here. Easy and oh so snazzy!


I’m writing this while taking a break from the basement. Mr.Q and I have actually been on a good purge. Did you know that you can just take stuff to Value Village, drop it at their door, ring the door bell and leave?? [yes, it was rather tempting to run away snickering, as though having left a burning bag of dog shit, but it was really some pretty decent stuff. just stuff we didn’t use anymore. or didn’t use ever.] How brilliant is that? Now that we’ve taken one load in, we have another started: high school jackets, used-once stock pot, 2nd wine rack, odds’n’sods.

Now, we just have to take all our measurements and figure out some way to draw a reasonably to-scale facsimile of our basement and what we want done to it so that I can email the contractor. Kinda like an architect’s plans, only much much suckier. Oh, he’ll be so impressed…

2 responses to “tweak

  1. Your pretty little boxes show up in Firefox too. Value Village is one of my favourite places to unload and to pruchase from too. Nothing like helping a good cause at the same time too!

  2. I didn’t even realise that the proceeds went to charity until we got there – that was very cool to find out!

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