the basement business

[a mini rant]

We worked on the basement all weekend, dear Mr.Q and I, and Mr.Q has subsequently been working on the drawings for the contractor.

However, while taking the necessary measurements to prepare said drawings, I was diligently trying to verify all my preconceived notions about how what would fit where, what could be built and what could be added. Upon noting these actions, Mr.Q became confused and began asking all sorts of whys and what ifs.

Now, far be it from me to trample upon new theories, freedom of expression and the opportunity for new, and perhaps better, ideas BUT these have been the grand plans for the last 18 months: the ones that were discussed prior to phoning the contractor last year, the ones that were discussed with the contractor and the ones that I showed Mr.Q less than 48 hours earlier in my own sad, little drawing.

So, how and why, I beg of anyone, can there possibly be a source of confusion???

While expressing my appreciation of his interest in room design, I may have, inadvertently, also expressed a little anxiety consternation disbelief what the f*ck?? query as to the source of his confusion, to which Mr.Q replied: oh, it doesn’t matter, you know I’ll be happy with however it looks.

To which I may have replied [and we will blame this on hormones]: so then, after agreeing on this for a gabillion months, don’t go messing with the system!

Actually, there may have been even more to it than that, but I’ve chosen not to clutter my poor little brain with excess verbiage.

Fortunately, I think we’ve agreed to provide the basic numbers and reiterate our requests to the contractor and let him come up with the final measurements. And, fortunately, Mr.Q maintains the outward opinion that this was “funny”.

And that’s the story he’s [he’d better be] sticking to.

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