hope it all made sense to them

Mr.Q has taken over the computer to install this year’s tax program, so I am testing out my new little Palm keyboard – I’ve decided it’s ridiculously cool, though the screen is a little small, so I have to ramp up the font size.

hm… my next eye exam is due this year.


The morning was spent running around and driving all over the lower mainland, visiting various and sundry locales.

Now it was morning, so perhaps there were simply several people who had not yet had a sufficient fix of coffee or were still under the influence of their previous night’s substance of choice. The nuts were out in full force. Some were driving, slowly, on the curb, squinting over top of the steering wheel, while theoretically singing with the radio. Others were muttering in Starbucks – not talking to anyone [just perhaps to their coffees] on the way out the door. Yet others were gesticulating wildly while walking along the sidewalk, focused on the grassy hills, seagulls and trees.

Is it the weather? The moon? Was Mr.Q’s driving causing undue angst amongst other drivers and pedestrians alike? Scarily, I figure I just needed to hear bits of their conversations-with-no-one in order to get it.


New photos up last night – a few taken off the street and one obligatory pregnancy shot. I tried to get one of the half-outie, but indoor lighting, the camera flash and my pasty white gut didn’t make for a pleasant photo. Maybe I’ll try again later.


Welcome to Sonja’s World! With bits on everything from butts to bald spots to breakfast, this is another blog that’s got it all covered and covered well, at that. She was up against some other good blogs this week – make sure you stop by and check her out!

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