the boys are back

And so we now have tickets for the Philosopher Kings [link above].


It’s been a few eons since there’s been an album or a concert – apparently about 8 years – so I am looking most forward to this February event at the Commodore Ballroom. [Though it does not replace a Valentine’s Day dinner, which Mr.Q has yet to book…the one job I leave to him, on principle alone. That usually means I’m eating my Valentine’s Day dinner about 10pm, so I’m not sure who’s actually learning something from all this.] I read somewhere that jacksoul is opening and, should that prove to be the case, that just makes things even better.

It’s also bee a few eons since our last concert at all: the Proclaimers, back in October, which was really a Mr.Q concert. This one will so be a me concert…

Now I just have to remember: no beer, and probably not too much in the way of dancing.


We just got back from a friend’s house with a car load of baby stuff – crib, mattress, portable playpen and booster seat – for a steal. Damn. Between her and my other not-having-any-more friend, we are completely set.

Well, almost – anyone wanna come paint??

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