may the least offensive win

Here I sit, at lunch, on election day 2006, attempting to type out my missive on a keyboard that I’m not yet used to. I feel so much more productive already, I could practically ask for a raise [were this at all work related…].

Have I voted yet? No.

Am I going to? Damned straight.

BC voters are trying to tell themselves that, this year, our votes might actually make a difference in the federal scene – compared to the usual elections in which the fate of the nation is decided long before our polls even close. So, it’s nice to see that my fellow co-workers are all planning to vote; at the very least, they’re almost all taking advantage of the 3 consecutive hours available to vote and are, therefore, almost all leaving work an hour early. Must be that voting fever…

I haven’t been overly harassed this election, and it’s been kind of nice. I’ve had time to hear the messages, instead of being over-run by phone calls and propaganda. [I actually answered a phone poll regarding movie rentals last night – are they allowed to do that the night before an election?] Though, our commercials did make a ripple, or is that a giggle, south of the border… Maybe I just don’t get out much.

Whoever gets in, here’s hoping for some sanity, a strong opposition to keep everyone on their toes and a general sense of decency. That only seems Canadian, after all, eh?

2 responses to “may the least offensive win

  1. Glad to see you’re on the other side of the pond — I thought I missed the election over here! Hopefully you’ll have better luck than we did last time round…

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  2. Wowsers — I’m guessing I was trying to do to much at once — I’m not sure why I thought you were in Europe.

    I guess that’s my bloody USA Centric upbringing – assuming that if it wasn’t election day here, and you spoke english you surely aren’t on this side of the world.

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