I can only lean so left in a right world

I survived the election. The completely imaginable happened: a Conservative minority government [the biggest fear, of course, being a Conservative majority government]. We hopefully have sufficient opposition to keep the dear right-wingers in line, and the right-wingers themselves now have a chance to prove that they’re not the nut-jobs we all think them to be. [damn, where did these freaking rose-coloured glasses come from, anyway??]


I may have to re-instate my pop-up blocker. There are now significant numbers of pop-ups out there that effectively freeze IE and force me to end my sessions, often logged in somewhere. Okay, they may technically not freeze the computer but due to Mr.Q’s [dare I say it the day after an election?] conservative computer rules, one must “x” all pop-up windows as they appear lest one ends up with nasty little critters on one’s hard-drive. Some of these pop-ups refuse to “x” and some of them flat out refuse you to view the page of interest unless you click on them [ Scooter McGavin, if for some reason you ever end up back here for renting or any other reason: I tried to check your site, as I remember liking it when seeing it before, but couldn’t finish loading the page, never mind reading anything, because of one of these pop-ups – sorry!].

The problem is that I do visit several legitimate sites that employ the use of pop-ups, and yes, I can make exceptions but it becomes annoying.

Ah, forgive my little rant of no consequence. I’ll just have to putz about and get it together.


Two more sleeps until ultrasound update from Dr.R!

5 responses to “I can only lean so left in a right world

  1. How bad can Canadian Conservatives be? I bet they are far more progressive than the troglodytes on the far right here.

  2. dr.john – I already do like a few people who call themselves Conservatives, now we’ll just have to see if I can like The Conservatives…

    joseph k – long time! they may be a little more progressive on some things, but I think they really may be just a little more conservative when it comes to pushing their conservative views (see 25 Jan post!).

  3. I don’t know how you got a pop-up going on my site as I don’t remember ever putting something that would cause it on my blog, and I’ve never witnessed it before.

    Hopefully whatever caused it has been solved, but if you’re still having problems I suggest subscribing to my blog via Bloglines or another blog reader.

  4. Sorry, I have successfully seen your blog since, but just checked again and I’m getting a “stack overflow at line: 1312”, that even if I click “ok” (when Mr.Q’s not in the room), won’t go away… strangeness.

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