bigger and better…later

I now have a new goal for the blog sidebars: expandable trees/menus/whatever they’re called.

hm… how promising is that, that I can’t even come up with the proper name for them?

I’ve found a few scripts, so now it’ll just be a matter of messing around with them enough to fit them into the template, but not so much as to turn them defunct.

I’m feeling the need to include some more links, but just really don’t want to create an insanely long sidebar that no one will contemplate scrolling through.

This could take a while…hope that it doesn’t and that, once set up, it’s fairly painless to maintain.
Never mind that I’m still toying with the idea of WordPress. But that’s a whole other level of reinvention…


I may have been successfully kicked out of the doctor’s office for another 5 weeks, but that doesn’t alleviate my increasingly achy back.

I ran down the symptom sites, and Dr. R agrees that my chiropractor is a good place to start. If that doesn’t work, I may move on to massage or even physio. Ack.

Really, how much of this is in response to general expansion [which is now occurring exponentially], and how much of this is simply due to the fact that I am sleeping in stupider and generally less back-friendly positions with increasing numbers of pillows. Both Mr. Q and the cat are pissed.

I have officially become uncomfortable.

Yeah…and only four more, ever increasing months to go…

3 responses to “bigger and better…later

  1. Jenn — I think that’s what we need (the first season’s dvds). Perhaps then we’ll at least get some variety. And, congrats on the girl – they are great 🙂

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