tissue stocks

Based on the last five months, I strongly recommend investing. Oh yeah, and in lotion too. Or maybe those lotion-infused tissues…

It turns out that I’ve got one of those pregnancy side-effects that practically no one tells you about: a chronically slow-drip nose.

Forget a bit of bloating, a slightly sore back or stiff ankles. Never mind being a little tired, slightly nauseous or a wee bit more pimply. At least all those make a little sense. What the hell is with the runny nose?? Apparently, it’s also hormonal [damn, what isn’t??].

I swear, the second and third months I thought I was constantly getting sick – but I never did. I even put off getting my flu shot because I thought I was already fighting another virus. Nope. Just obnoxiously over-active sinuses.

As a charming result, I wash my hands, grab a kleenex, wash my hands again [laboratory work – must wash hands all the time] and repeat a little later. Either that, or sniff lots.

Tissues, dry hands, sore schnozz. Man, it ain’t pretty. Fortunately, the belly is now officially bulging and drawing the majority of the attention. Once that belly button pops, I probably won’t even need to wear make-up or brush my hair! [okay, just so I don’t feel icky, I will, but will try not wearing make-up one day…just to see what happens]


Welcome to Stumbling Through Life with Grace – the blog of 3rd Times a Charm. She’s the new renter this week and, again, cleared her way through some good competition. She’s got a great site and a great way with words, so be sure to check her out.

Sonja’s World has ended her run here and been added to the previous tenants links, for those who wish to keep track of her.

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