I had an absolutely horrible sleep last night, complete with evil dreams of our contractor, my work, and god-know-what-else. I don’t need the details to remember that the majority of my night was not a happy experience.

So, what set me off? My back is actually feeling [a little] better, I wasn’t getting kicked around by babyQ, Mr.Q or the cat, and my food intake was, so far as I can tell, perfectly reasonable. Last night’s dinner consisted of salmon [wild, of course], rice [also wild] and salad [boxed] – far removed from my usual triggers of garlic, onion, curry or cheap red wine. The only, only potential weirdness that snuck in was the dill weed on the salmon. And, really, how weird is that? It’s not something that I’ve had in a while, but it’s hardly a revolutionary or freakish herb.

It was a little old…

I suppose it could all come back to the good ol’ pregnancy hormones again. Damn, those are getting annoying. I’ve never really been on the weepy end of the hormonal spectrum as I tend to lean more toward cranky [per Mr.Q]. But, if we’re going to add in exhaustion due to sleeplessness, that may open up a whole new series of previously unseen outbursts.

I may not be able to watch the TLC anymore.

Forget dill and hormones keeping me up tonight, or needing video of new babies to set off my mood swings. In yet another heroic effort to stay part of the informed populace, I watched over half an hour of the state of the union address on one of the numerous American cable channels. I laughed, I cried, and my increased blood pressure will now keep me up well past my bedtime… Really, people, is there not supposed to be a separation of church and state?? Should that not make alluding to [or, in this case, not so subtly declaring] one’s beliefs during a political speech rather, oh, I don’t know, inappropriate?

Guess at what point during the speech I decided laundry was more beneficial to my well being…

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