is no one else fickle??

Now that we are [fairly] confident that babyQ is a girl, and have informed the masses that, as conclusively as the old-fashioned government-subsidized ultrasound can tell, she will be a she, we are being asked if we have picked names.

The short answer is: yes, but we’re not telling.

The longer answer is: maybe, sort of, a few, but there’s still four months to go and a lot of names out there that we haven’t even heard of, never mind considered, so why would I commit to anything at this point??

Truth is, we plan on going in with a few names picked out [boys’ names too, just in case] and see what she looks like. Who knows, it may even take a day or two. Or three.

So why would I want my mother, my mother-in-law, their close friends and random acquaintances, out there cross-stitching little things with a potential name [because you know that’s exactly what’s going to happen]?

Mind you, if I did tell them all the names we were thinking of, they may not start their cross stitching in hopes that we would change our minds. Nothing that we’ve been contemplating really fits in with the ’80’s soap opera-esque name suggestions that have been coming from some of the … more mature… relatives.

Oh, there will be eye-ball rolling. Regardless of how many times we change our minds between now and then.

6 responses to “is no one else fickle??

  1. I like your way of choosing a name. It makes sense, to see new baby and then decide. (This sounds so sweet) πŸ™‚

    I wanted to thank you for renting to me as well. I am honored to be on Quarter Rest.


  2. I’m totally fickle.

    In fact, in my college fraternity they were either going to give me a nickname of OTTER or FICKLE.

    They went with FICKLE.

    It didn’t do me any great help though, when I was trying to hook up with sorority girls.

  3. Don’t tell! I told my family the names that we’d picked out for my first child and my family mocked them so much we had to change them.

  4. Glad this makes sense to a few people other than us!

    And, 3T, you’re more than welcome – I’ve been enjoying the reading!

  5. never tell a soul. we did and our inlaws made a list of better names. it was painful. we didn’t care about the list, but it would have saved a lot of heartache – fosho.

  6. I’ve had 3 kids. I NEVER told my name choices before they were born. I didn’t want the, “Oh.” or the “don’t you like_____?” drove me crazy…so, we surprised everyone on the actual day of birth! πŸ™‚

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