crackers go in the cupboard

I’m sitting here, feeling the need to create a list. Yet another list. I guess it’s my way of re-organising, reminding, re-grouping, re-prioritizing, whatever.

It’s almost pointless, as I never actually get around to crossing things off, even when they’re done, nor, indeed, every really looking at the list again after its initial creation. But, on occasion, making a list just seems like a good thing to do.

It may become more necessary. I’ve taken to putting things in the fridge. Lots of things: the container of brown sugar, peanut butter, canned goods, crackers. Usually I catch myself, but every now and then I don’t and Mr.Q has a field day with it.

Not that a list would be of much help with that, but I do shudder to think of what other bizarre culinary or social atrocities I may be unwittingly committing.

So far, it’s outwardly amusing to everyone else.

So far.


Don’t forget: there’s a little thumbnail over in the left sidebar for my renter this week! A little click isn’t all that hard, people…

4 responses to “crackers go in the cupboard

  1. Wow! I jsut saw your photos of those crazy crows who fly en masse over the the marshy… uh…. marsh over by Canada Way/Willingdon. It
    s like clockwork: every day around 4:30 or 5, every crow in the lower mainland flys home for the night after a long day of eating garbage. It’s creepy.

    I was JUST considering taking a photo of those crazy birds yesterday! Kooky!

  2. I love lists! I’m constantly being mocked for my list making. And I hate to tell you this, but your mind never fully comes back, even after you’ve had the kids; it just changes from “pregnancy brain” to “mommy brain”. My husband calls me the smartest dumb person he’s ever met.
    And thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Good luck!

  3. Before I comment about this post, I need to:

    1. Take stock of my life, who I am, want to be,etc.

    2. Organize my recyclables

    3. Buy some bananas (need to up my potassium uptake)

    4. Figure out how I can get Sonia Thomas (who won a grilled cheese sandwich eating contest this week) to return my calls. I love her.

    It might take me a while…

  4. Hillary – I got a few more good ones today. They’re brave little buggers…

    Krista – ack. I’ve heard cautionary tales, and even my supervisor has acknowledged that she expects me to return with a few less brain cells. How’s that for comforting…

    Joseph – wow. That’s serious list making. 😀 But, most importantly, do you have a list of the various food eating contests that you keep track of??

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