foiled again

Damn it! I have an entire post written [damn, I love my Palm keyboard] from a few lunches ago that is just waiting and ready to post. So, I’m going to use it.

cheap date

Mr.Q is getting off easy this year.

Valentine’s Day normally calls for a very nice dinner out – we don’t do cards or gifts, just an fancier dinner out.

However, with Mr.Q’s visits to the naturopath and allergist in the past year, he is now significantly more aware of everything that he really is allergic or intolerant to. Before, a reaction was just another damned anomaly. Now, he knows exactly why and how his system is going berserk.

That makes going out for dinner pretty much impossible, with the exception of some limited sushi. And he even brings his own soy sauce to sushi. But I was still marginally hopeful, despite the fact that reservations had still not been made, that we might make it out to one of the less-offensive restaurants. But, with Valentine’s Day being a weekday [no built-in weekend recovery time] and Mr.Q’s dragging, the light at the end of the tunnel was rapidly disappearing.

Yes it’s marginally evil of me to wish a fancy supper on him, but I have redeemed myself: Denzal Sinclaire is playing at the Cellar Jazz Club on Feb 15. That’s close enough to Feb 14 and he’s a wickedly smooth artist and it’s only $10/ticket. So we are going, and that counts as Valentine’s Day this year.

I must be the only girl in the world whose husband is grateful that his pregnant wife has become an easier, cheaper date.

Sadly, this little post is no longer applicable.

It turns out, Cellar Jazz is actually Cellar Jazz Restaurant, and they are kind enough to include their mouth-watering menu online. Now, while this simply reaffirms my desire to go listen to good music and dine on good food, it brings to light the fact that there is absolutely nothing on this menu that Mr.Q can digest successfully. Literally. Nothing.

So, instead, I must wait until Feb 24th and the Philosopher Kings concert.

Repeat ad nauseum: better a late Valentine’s than none at all…

2 responses to “foiled again

  1. I would agree on the Better Late Than Never, as I will not being seeing that special someone till May. 😛

  2. We can commiserate on the 14th!

    Ah, ignore me. I’m just being whiny and I do know that.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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