do I look bored??

I finally was able to find a not-so-offensive maternity shirt on the weekend. Now this store had some incredibly adorable stuff, but very little fit for my workplace. I have to be dressed appropriately enough [nothing too casual, young, tight, low etc], nothing too warm [I wear lab gowns and lab coats – sweaters are death] and something that is comfortable under a lab gown or lab coat [no wide or bell-ish sleeves that seem to be on all the little shrugs…even if there was something other than a little tank top to wear under the shrug].

I’m having a difficult time justifying the purchase of numerous clothes for what, really, will be a short-ish period of time. I know I won’t fit into my old pants right away [or, um, ever?], but shirts…eh, I’ll manage.

I did, however, break down and buy some not-so-cheap maternity underwear.

Now, I’d ranked selling maternity underwear right up there with selling maternity socks [which, it turns out, they do] as a gimmick for hormone-dense preggos. Isn’t underwear, well, just underwear?

Apparently not. And I will admit to the error of my ways: damn, this is nice underwear. It’s even worth the cost and appears to be willing to hold up to regular washing and drying – warm water, tumble dry! And, they go so far as to tell me, on the little tag, that I should not iron it.

Uh, yeah. Because that was a likelihood. I don’t even iron the stuff I’m supposed to iron, never mind my underwear… Who are these people that might iron their cotton undies?? Am I lacking in laundry skills and knowledge? Is this really an anticipated event? I shall now just add “ironing underwear” to my list of deficiencies – somewhere near the bottom, along with not using enough hair product.

It’s a good day when I know where my iron is, let alone if I’m able to set it to the correct temperature for whatever I [attempt to] iron.

I’ve a new tenant!! Welcome to Kentucky Girl – a west coaster with southern longings, who blogs about [among other things] bathroom etiquette and nasal memories and posts the odd photo of her dogs. All good to me – be sure and click over to have a read!

2 responses to “do I look bored??

  1. It’s hard to break down and spend the $, but wait til you get near the end… you’ll want the big ole preggo clothes with phat belly panel LOL… and yes, I know preggo undies – but I needed them. They suck you in…

  2. oh, yeah, they suck you in, all right. I’m starting to find this stretchy maternity clothing just a little too comfortable…

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