crisis of bargain

By the time I arrived home from work last night, sisterQ had phoned Mr.Q multiple times, looking for me.

I called back [prime time, thank you] and got to speak to soon-to-be brother-in-lawQ.

Sometimes, he answers the phone [despite call display] and barely says two syllables and, other times, he won’t shut up for over half an hour. Last night was the latter.

He was the one who talked me through ebay to locate the wedding dress sisterQ had found and desperately, desperately wanted to buy, but not before securing my opinion. She already had the opinions of the local girls, and I was the only thing standing between her and the purchase of a dress whose time was running out.

And, it is gorgeous. It’s a little more dress than she thought she wanted, but it’s also a little more dress than she thought she could afford. It turns out that, on ebay, she can afford it, so why not have it?

So it’s a done deal. Her dress is ordered, the groom and matron of honour approve and she just has to await its arrival.

And then, the matron of honour has to try and figure out what size bridesmaid dress might possibly fit – a mere two and half months after the birth of babyQ.

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