a drop in sales

Oh, dear Hudson’s Bay Company, last bastion of old, consumer Canadiana, fuzzy blankets and new tailor to the Olympic team [though, sorry, the outfits are kinda ugly this year].

You’ve been bought out by an American company and, while I suppose that was inevitable, it still sucks. I never really purchased all that many things from you, or you little sister Walmart-wannabe Zellers, but it was nice to know that I could. And when I did, it was always all good.

But this past weekend, I’ve been reminded why I don’t spend much time or money in your vast halls of goods: everything’s freaking expensive.

After spending the majority of our holiday gift card on a lovely frying pan [and it is lovely – one can really say “lovely” and “frying pan” in the same sentence] there was a little left over. I thought perhaps to use it on a new shower curtain – it’s gift money, after all! I can go a little frivolous, and a $50 shower curtain would certainly be frivolous. But, oh!, live a little!

The problem arose, dear Hudson’s Bay Company, when it became apparent that even your nastiest shower curtains were priced at around $70. Anything you deemed worthy enough for a decent display spot was upwards of $120 – and even their aesthetic appeal was lost to me.

Not to get too personal, HBC, but I shower in the dim morning or late at night, with my eyes barely open and without my contact lenses. Even if [and, as yet, I can’t fathom it], a shower curtain worthy of more than $100 existed, it would be vastly wasted on me.

So, I must turn elsewhere for a bit of fabric with which to adorn my tub: a bed ‘n’ bath boutique or [gasp] other large retailer. I hear there’s one from Sweden

No, now don’t get jealous. You’ve headed south, anyway, remember? And no, I can’t hold that against you. I realise that it was supposed to be a good tactical move. But it does sting a little.

But only until you ask me to pay $120 for a shower curtain.

3 responses to “a drop in sales

  1. As a fellow Canadian I completely understnad where you are coming from Jenn. I know the right thing would be to spend my $ at a Canadian company & support our Canadian businesses, but I have to count my pennies as much as the next guy. I was in the Bay in early January, not on purpose, only because that was the nearest entrance where I parked at the mall. I ended up taking a peek around that deserted wasteland & was appalled at the cost of some things. I seen a cute little dress for my daughter & it cost $65.00 I know I could buy a dress very similar at Walmart for half that cost! So what is a gal to do??? Go broke supporting the Canadian company???
    I still go to Zellers on occasion & while their prices aren’t too bad they never seem to have anything in stock & don’t have that great of a selection.
    The way I see it is your damned if you do & damned if you don’t.

  2. As a non-fellow Canadian can I just say I wish we had socialized medicine here in the states.

    Gift cards, we got those.

  3. mac – yeah, it’s all very six of one, half dozen the other. fortunatley, I’m in a big enough centre that I can go some smaller, local places too.

    paul – lol! from gift cards to health care! all right, how’s that for a little perspective, eh? though the extent of the “universal” coverage does depend greatly on any one governments momentary (or, is that monetary?) interpretation… perhaps: gift cards for health care??

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