you want to do what? when?

We went and visited with our contractor guy last night to find out what information he still needs from us – I had assumed it would be a lot, but I guess we did okay in our basement measurements and [most] of our plans.

But we were out of line in how much we thought we were going to have to spend [I can still hear him rubbing his hands together with glee] and lost completely in what type of wood we want for our shelving. [um…not pine?]. Apparently, I may want cherry wood. Perhaps fir. They seem to be the things to build with now. I know I want fir for the tv cabinet doors upstairs, but that’s already in the room and, as such, is an easy conclusion. But, now to match woods to cork and in whatever colour I want??!! That’s just way too much option.

Regardless of my indecision, he plans to make his first trip to the house in a couple of weeks to start in on the basics. That includes painting. Oh yeah. I’ll need a paint colour…and additional light fixtures… And a weekend in between now and then that isn’t consumed by visiting parental influences. What? There isn’t one?

In that case, if you see some pregnant chick roaming Home Depot’s paint, lighting and lumber sections at the wee-small hours of the morning, you’ll know who it is.

Feel free to say ‘hi’.


In the mean time, feel free to say ‘hi’ to my new renter: The T Stop [oooh, did you see that segue way??]. She’s on board for the week, and puts together a good read of whatever tickles at the moment – click on her thumbnail and enjoy a read!

In related info, it looks like my very first renter is back online, so I feel it only proper to add his link to the previous tenants section: don’t forget to add Haunted House Dressing to your reading list.

2 responses to “you want to do what? when?

  1. Enjoy your stay! (and…oops!… I think I’ve fixed up your blog name now and everything should read correctly) ;D

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