surely, this must be the beginning of the end

Today we all wander around in a state of shock: it has dipped below the freezing mark on the wet west coast in February – the month after we, as a city, broke the January rainfall record.

Spring was springing and now crocuses are croaking.

[okay, I’ll admit, that was lame. but I’m running on my pregnancy mandated one cup of coffee per day here, and that’s really just not cutting it these days].

We have wind chills, frost and mittens. We also have sun glasses and absolutely no precipitation. Truly, it is gorgeous winter weather. But, despite being someone who has weathered northern BC, Alberta and the Northwest Territories, it’s damn cold. And in a month when days are getting longer daily, buds are growing and Mr.Q’s allergies are in full bloom, this kind of coolness is even harder to deal with.

Leo [puppyQ, the 10 year old Shiba Inu] is the only one who seems to be thrilled with the blustering cold front. Perhaps there are a few skiers out there eyeing the local mountains with wistful weekend wishes, but most everyone at coffee today was bemoaning the dip in temperature.

We were, though, still admiring the view of cloudless skies and were pleasantly smug that, at least, it wasn’t raining.

2 responses to “surely, this must be the beginning of the end

  1. Hi Bono fan!;)
    Chad FANATIC here!
    Sorry to hear ablout the cold…hope that didn’t sneak in form us:)
    At leats you get some sunshine out of it.We have had a very mild winter here in Alberta but at least when we have the freezing cold ones we get a lot of sunshine. It can fool you though, you lookout the window & see the geogous sunshine & then step putside & It’s instnat humansicle!!

  2. I’m fairly certain that the weather everywhere has been a little freaky this past weekend – a little something to wake people out of the Feb slump, I guess. What a way to go about it.

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