more masochistic tendencies

I’ve amended my words: in order link to now point to a site that is in the finishing tweaks.

While my old site has served it’s purpose well, it didn’t do much – other than sit there and stagnate. It had visitors, but it bored me. [okay, so that might have been my fault…maybe]

So, I’ve been putzing around with a Blogsome site for a bit to see if it’s more appropriate. I think that it may be.

It may, however, further adversely impact any smacks the ladies – and guy, per his avatar – at I talk too much wish to give Quarter Rest [Canadian? two sidebars and a poetry page??!! the horror!], but there it is.

In the mean time, feel free to stop by and have a look around. Things will still be added and updated a little, but most of the look is there. Please indulge and leave your thoughts and suggestions [comments, there, are moderated – oh, the power!!]. [update: 26 Feb 06. were moderated. I’m lazy.]

Also, don’t forget to stop by The T Stop and have a read – she’s only got a little time left as my tenant, so click through!

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