I now understand long, pointy-toed shoes

I’ve lost my feet, despite having my toes painted red – what were to have been ten beacons, to help me locate them beneath the belly.

How twisted is it that pregnancy can be described in losses?

I’ve lost my feet.
I’ve lost my weekends to cleaning and decorating.
I’ve lost the ability to wear pants that don’t have an elastic insert.
I lose my breath.
I’ve lost the option to sleep on my back.
I’m losing sleep and will, undoubtedly, lose much more.
I’ve lost the will to wear heels.
I’ve lost the physical capability to get into several previously attainable positions [yoga – my dirty little readers. though, um, yeah, that too].
I’ve lost the option of breathing without sniffing.

Despite these new deficiencies, I have actually almost no sense of loss. Annoyance, yes – but not really loss.

Really, this should all be pissing me off to no end, regardless of how anticipated or “normal” these alterations are. None of them, in and of themselves, are good [although I suspect my chiropractor would cheer the loss of high heeled shoes] and, combined, they should be worrisome, at least. However, in context, I’m actually rather at peace.

Yes: at peace. Never you mind what Mr.Q says about my intermittent crankiness.

But I think I’ve found the chicken for these eggs. I figure that both the disturbingly easy acceptance and the intermittent crankiness may be from the loss of decent sleep.

And I think it likely that I’ll be able to sleep better once again when it becomes possible to locate my feet.

5 responses to “I now understand long, pointy-toed shoes

  1. Hmm great list – I like the “no sense of loss” thing… I hate high heeled shoes… I gave them up a long long time ago.

    Good luck with the pregnancy πŸ™‚

  2. I actually rarely get to wear heels – terribly inappropriate at work – so I love being able to wear my ass-kicking boots or cute little heeled sandals on the weekends. But…not for a few more months, at least. πŸ˜€

  3. So when is BabyQ due?? By the sounds of some of the things you say”losing your breath” etc.I am guessing it is pretty soon?

  4. Hang in there! It can be tough being pregnant and it seems to drag on forever but pretty soon you’ll have your bundle and you can wear heels again!

  5. Thanks guys!

    BabyQ’s ETA is Jun 1, which still kinda sounds like a long ways away to me. I don’t think it helps, breath wise, that my sinuses are stuffed and I live in a tall, skinny 4-storey townhouse. Flat surfaces are great, even for a good distance, but a few flights of stairs does me in!

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