there’s code, and then there’s code

So, yes, I am a good little reader…particularly when the commentary already coincides with my own biases. [unlike, say, any odd aversions to having two sidebars]

One of the reviews on I talk too much noted the content of a blog seemed to disappear off the end of the page – a teeny little problem that has afflicted QR and bugged me, but I was too chicken shit to mess with the template that much. I mean, I barely made it through adding my collapsible lists to my test template and I really really really wanted those. A little cut off on the bottom post?? Do people really read that far??

Apparently, yes, they do. And it bugs them too.

So, I putzed and made my test site function with a footer and oh-so carefully transferred it over here …and…so far so good…

It has to be the ugliest damn coding ever, but there it is. And I figure it’s not quite the ugliest damn footer ever.

Enough ‘yay, me!’ for one night.

Tomorrow, I must drag Mr.Q through the depths of BabiesRUs. Half of me is dreading being accosted by a sales person and handed a scanner so that we can add to our registry [I’ve begun an online one simply for the sake of reminding myself what we still need]. The other half kind of hopes that we do get accosted. The use of electronic gadgetry may make the going a little smoother.

Mr.Q is completely into the whole babyQ thing but he’s decidedly not into the shopping thing. I have absolutely no idea what will happen when these two things meet. I’ve already been handed the reins on the decorating thing but, when it comes to strollers, baby monitors and anything else vaguely mechanical or electronic, I may actually be blessed with nominal input on functionality and durability. Here’s hoping that the functional and the durable items also have an aesthetic appeal.

Otherwise, it may be a long shopping trip, indeed.

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