in transit

Mr.Q and I spent the weekend driving to and from, and waiting around.

Saturday, in hindsight, was not so bad. The car got serviced at a distant dealership – the distance was a required result of a minor recall repair – and had a little more done than anticipated, but hopefully with good results. The shop was near a couple of malls and the weather was decent, so we had no qualms about hanging around the stores for a few hours. Unfortunately, a few hours turned into five hours. What we expected to take the morning, took most of the day – particularly by the time fighting the sluggish commute was factored in. While we weren’t in a rush for anything, we felt curse-worthy rushed after we finally made it home.

Sunday, we went to the next ‘burb to order window seat cushions and purchase a stroller/car seat combo. Along the way, we were stuck in traffic: twice on the way there and once on the way back. We came upon two rather serious accidents shortly after each happened [injuries, but no deaths, per the news reports]. Both were worthy of stopping traffic and one closed down the highway for at least hour.

Add to that, a minor rear-ender I passed this morning and Mr.Q’s co-worker’s fender-bender on her way in to work, and it’s been a rather depressing driving weekend.

I’m not inclined to believe that I was made aware of all these driving delinquencies for the honor of some personal revelation [uh, yeah, because I’m that big a factor in the universe] but, on the way in this morning, I did remind myself that I had lots of time, drove a little slower and left a little more distance to the car in front of me.

It occurs to me, after reading my Five Bad Habits in my virulent tagging post below, that all five are pretty lame bad habits and it further occurs to me that these are the things that may bother only me. So… what of the five bad things that would bother someone else…say Mr.Q?

My five bad habits as I imagine Mr.Q would suggest:
[really, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t swear a lot and, sometimes, Mr.Q’s a bit prissy]
not always closing the bathroom door
[we’ve been together nearly 14 years – get over it].
letting the laundry pile up
[he and the washing machine are not friends]
[I don’t think so, but have been accused of it, in good humour, on occasion]
eating things he can’t eat, right in front of him
[yes, it’s mean, but there are just so many, many good things that he can’t eat!]

Knowing my luck, there’s likely more, if not simply others. But, I’ve now evolved from a jaw-smacking, indecisive, messy individual into a foul-mouthed, sadistic exhibitionist.


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