86 days

That’s what my little baby-ticker says as the number of days left before babyQ’s due date.

What the hell???

That’s a bloody two-digit number! It really wasn’t all that long ago that the number was in the two hundreds and it seemed I had for-absolute-ever. Now, little kids [and some obnoxious adults] are able to sing songs about beer bottles and use larger numbers.

So, what’s left? We did just get a car seat and stroller, but we still need to: clear the baby room, paint, assemble the crib, swing, dresser and shelves, buy storage stuff, diaper stuff, and monitors. And pack hospital bags. Oh, yeah and tour the hospital, register, get everything organised with employer and make time for my sister’s visit in mid-May.

I do realise that we will simply never be ready, but it’d be nice to at a manageable place, however unlikely even that may be.

But, as long as I remember that I’m supposed to bring the beverages for this week’s prenatal class and move a few more items out of babyQ’s room-to-be, then I’ll have made enough of a dent for tonight.

2 responses to “86 days

  1. LOL – It sure does go fast.
    Even scarier is how much faster it goes once their here and growing at the speed of light!

    All the best,

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I’m starting to gather that this is all really just the beginning… 😀

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