revising theories

I am writing this while sitting through one medical procedure and contemplating the worthiness and justifiability of several others.

Normally, I would not call my current, routine lab work a medical procedure, but having just consumed the rather vicious orange coloured beverage associated with the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes, I have elevated it from a quickie test to an involved procedure. So, a warning: the rest of this post may just be the sugar talking. Regardless, I now have one hour to wait before my blood can be drawn – lots of time to ponder all the medically prescribed pain management options outlined at prenatal class last night.

While I certainly knew of the existence of everything discussed last night, apparently I didn’t know as much about them as I thought I did. I appear to have known so little, in some cases, that I am now rethinking my previous, adamant stance on pain: if they can block it, why wouldn’t I?? It would seem there really are some good reasons not to.

I am, of course, wary of any biases that may be inherent in last night’s instruction and am now questioning those that could have been inherent in my original information – most of which, I will sadly admit, was based on half-hour long television programs.

Mr.Q has yet to express his full opinion on the subject, though there was some of the same eyebrow raising at portions of the information presented last night [not surprising, since most of his original sources were the same as mine]. It seems that we may, truly, have to go in for the delivery and wing it. At least I can wing it with a little more knowledge now.

And, in the mean time, I have even more fodder for mocking the happy little half-hour tv births.

5 responses to “revising theories

  1. IMHO, wait until you are in labour & decide then. If it is too much for you to handle then have an epidural. If you managing well then keep on truckin;)
    I debated having an epidural when I had my second child & the Dr. told me to wait & decide once I was in labour. I ended up not having one, by the time the pain got the best of me it was time to push her out!
    So as you said…just wing it!

  2. I went into hospital with an open mind when I had my first child – with one exception. No way was I having an epidural! I have a phobia of needles so the thought of having one stuck into my back was enough make me faint!

    I was quite happy to accept anything else. Gas and Air, and Pethidine did the trick just fine .. and of course the feeling of floating somewhere up near the ceiling helped LMAO.

    Wait and see when labour starts. Some women say they have a low pain threshhold yet manage on Gas and Air alone. If you decide that you can’t cope with the pain, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss your options with the midwife assigned to you.

  3. I say wait and see too. You have no idea how you will react to the pain or what kind of labour you’ll have until you get there.

    I had a doula with my first child and I highly recomment it to other first time mothers. My DS was not an easy delivery and she helped a lot.

    I had the ugly orange pop too. It wasn’t fun. Hope you come back negative!

  4. Okay seriously…just wait until the time comes regarding pain meds. There’s no way in God’s green earth you can decide until then.

    I wanted nothing…then the pain increased and I wasn’t such a tough guy anymore – I went for the nice little shot they offered. The pain then went through the roof and although (much to the detriment of my loved one’s hands) I lasted a couple hours…I was more than ready for the epidural. The thought of the needle near my spine scared the hell outta’ me but this was like no pain I’d EVER felt before and I suddenly no longer gave a crap.

    My dear, it’s so different for everyone. Don’t stress out trying to decide now. Leave your options open and decide when the time really matters.

    As for that orange drink…I think I’m the only woman alive who LOVED it. I’ll blame it on the pregnancy though. :o)

    Take Care and don’t sweat the things you can’t foresee. It always works out just fine once you see that beautiful face that you’ve been waiting to see for so long.

  5. hm…this all sounds kind of like what the dear Dr.R has said…

    ah,thanks guys. I’ll go in knowing my options, and that’ll have to do! I’m not adverse to change, nor changing my mind (far from it!) but I do like a game plan. And that, I guess, is to wing it.

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