the first grandchild fund

My mother has informed me that she has, once again, been on a buying spree.

She had strict instructions prior to Christmas that unborn grandchildren did not require Christmas presents. She somehow got around that rule by purchasing a name book, a sound machine “for you two” and other decorative items that she wouldn’t bring over until later.

On her very recent visit, she brought with her the previously purchased decorative items as well as previously purchased [and previously unmentioned] clothing items and parenting books. She bought several more items while she was here and was limited in her expenditure only by my ominous presence. However, now 1500km away from me, she has felt is safe to resume her stockpiling of all things cute, fuzzy and baby-worthy.

This, from the woman who has practically been begging my sister and I to cut out our purchases of birthday and Christmas gifts, deeming them unnecessary and imploring us that we could all [my parents included] be better off if we put our money toward savings.

That, apparently, doesn’t count when it comes to burp clothes and bunny embossed blankets. And, for better or worse, it probably never will.

Quick update: New tenant! Welcome to Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green, over there on the left. Check in with him for well written write ups on just about anything entertainment related. I’m not sure how he does this on what appears to be every single day, but it makes for great reading. So, what are you waiting for? Click!

Thanks to the other bidders this week too – hope to see you back again!

3 responses to “the first grandchild fund

  1. oh my … i laughed so hard at this … i think my partner’s parents may need similar rules (and will likely not obey them either).

  2. Oh, please try! And let me know if you figure out any little twists on a rule so that it actually sticks! šŸ˜€

  3. Thanks for the plug and I’m able to write everyday by having a bunch of rainy day post I can put up whenever I don’tr have time/or don’t want to write anything.

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