still reeling from the sting of … nothing?

That’s right, folks. Not a single smack for me from I talk too much. Ah, such is the way. The non-smacking review of QR did generate a little traffic, but apparently I was sporting a template that blinded everyone who visited… not really a brilliant way to encourage repeats, eh?

In an effort to save eyeballs and sanities, then, I’ve [temporarily?] gone grey. Not terribly exciting, and the background colour for the posts looks a little off, but it shouldn’t make anyone too dizzy. I thought perhaps it best to save the sight of all concerned first and deal with the rest over the next little while. Oh yes – there’s more! [but, that is why you ask, after all: to get the answers]

And now, for having actually been the one to pick the stripes in the first place, I’m off to get my eyes checked…

2 responses to “still reeling from the sting of … nothing?

  1. Just wanted to pop in and give you props for being a good sport on your review.

    and hey

    nothing wrong with grey….my site has a lot of that…although some people consider it kind of bland.

  2. Thanks, Mike! As I said, I did ask for it… 😀 I figure it’s worth the smacking, or lack thereof, to force myself to step back and actually look.

    And, yeah, grey is good!

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