oh, science, have you abandoned me?

I took my drapes [thin cotton panels] down Sunday night so that I can get them shortened. We decided, a few years ago, that we really needed curtains ago to help block some of the early morning sunlight and I’d managed to almost convince myself that the excessive puddling of the fabric on the sill was somehow… okay. [No, I don’t sew and I don’t own a sewing machine. I do have a stash of buttons and a few bits of thread for emergencies but, trust me, that’s all you want me to have access to.]

But, as with most messes in the house, one day enough became more than enough and the damn drapes needed to be shortened. Right.Now. I took my measurements, wrangled them off the curtain rod and began to fold them up. And stopped.

Both panels were completely covered in cat hair – from top to bottom.

How the hell does cat hair get up near the ceiling? I had to use my little sticky roller thing [oh, jeez, that thing must have a name…] to get it all off both large panels. I have far too many of these sticky roller things around: one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in my locker at work, and one that lives with the suitcases so that we can use it while packing. I’m used to dealing with cat hair on my couch and on my clothing – but drapes?? The cat [seen here, sleeping on the bottom of the drapes in question] is roughly 16 years old, at least 12 pounds and has to take several runs at even jumping on the bed. There is no way she’s climbing the curtains while we’re out.

Now, I’m not one who is adverse to the concept of genetic engineering and I really wonder if science should be helping me out here. I mean, it would be just like speeding up a selective breeding program… for what? A non-shedding cat? A cat that sheds non-static hairs? A cat who can vacuum up after herself? Surely there must be something that can be accomplished here.

I thought of posing the problem to the bunch over at Cosmic Variance… but they’re physicists. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but their more technical posts are way too far over my head and grasping at their meaning may just be much more strain than simply trying to figure out the apparent magic transportability of cat hair on my own. So, instead, I believe it only appropriate to send the question to the Useless Men.

I’ll link again when they answer, but in the mean time, I hope that whoever does get to shorten my drapes isn’t allergic…

3 responses to “oh, science, have you abandoned me?

  1. I find cat hair in my freezer!!! How??? These questions may never be answered!
    Came via Blog Mad!

  2. We have our first inside cat, ever, after having untold numbers of outside ones. I’m sure glad I didn’t read this post before we decided to let her live with us! And the freezer?? oh no!!

  3. Babs: lol – in the freezer??

    Actually…come to think of it I’ve never looked that closely…perhaps I won’t. 😀

    DB: Indoor cats = hair, but outdoor cats = all sorts of outdoor stuff like birds and mice and fleas…and still, some hair. 😀 I’ll gladly take a little hair!

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