That was the actual word, I kid you not, uttered in confused exhaustion by Mr.Q in the baby aisle at the grocery store on Sunday morning. And, scarily, it’s exactly what he was going for: ambivalent + oblivious.

Having recently returned from the 24hour city of Vegas and now being assailed by tree pollens that were supposed to have been neutralized by allergy shots [or not], he was not particularly interested in my prattle about arranging hospital bags and purchasing diapers. Go figure. I mean, really, you’d think I was discussing paint chips or fabric swatches again [apparently, those aren’t interesting either!]. tsk. Appalling!

“Doesn’t the baby just come with all that stuff??” he cried, only half in jest, I’m sure.

Now, I hate to seem like I’m slamming Mr.Q two posts in a row – but I’m not. Really. The poor man hasn’t been sleeping for nearly a week as a result of his sinuses and may be a little grumpy, out of it and prone to making up words like “amblivious”.

You would think that this would help me flat-out dominate at least one of our regularly scheduled Scrabble games. Sadly, no. But his ambliviousness meant that I did get to take my chosen paint chip [that matches my chosen fabric swatch] and run rampant at Home Depot all by myself. And that’s much more fun than buying diapers or kicking ass in a Scrabble game.

One response to “amblivious

  1. blogmad sent me… I love new words and this one, I must admit, I can personalize… on more than one occasion I have bee amblivious… thank you and Mr. Q 🙂

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