just a few loose screws

There are two types of people in the world: those who can and do put things away in logical, preplanned and well labelled locations so that they can always find them again, and those who put important items in randomly chosen “safe” places so that they don’t get accidentally discarded, only to never find said items again.

We are the latter. And, as such, we have decided that there is no way we are responsible enough, nor simply clued-in enough, to be in charge of successfully raising a child.

Now that it is approaching April, we have finally realized that it is perhaps in our best interest to begin setting up a room for the impending babyQ. Friday, Mr.Q washed the walls and we taped the trim off. Saturday, we painted [quite well, actually] and Sunday, we began moving things in. And it was then that we hit a snag.

Because our last minute baby room renos are happening at the same time as our world-record attempt for procrastination in basement renos, all the crap from both rooms has been jammed into the guest room. And so sat, not only our friends’ discombobulated crib and, presumably, the screws necessary to reconstruct it, but plastic bags full of extra screws, nails and allan wrenches that came with every Ikea item we have ever purchased. Add in to that chaos the fact that I have been known to go on near frenzied bouts of purging without necessarily actually looking at what I’m throwing out, and it becomes only reasonable that panic and resignation were rampant when we were unable to identify anything resembling Extra Crib Parts by supper time on Sunday.

Now, these parts are important. Surely, I would have put them somewhere obvious and would not have thrown out anything involving screws and springs. I may, however, have hid them – particularly if company were on their way over or if I was on one of my aforementioned binges.

So we checked the kitchen cabinets, the dining room hutch, the living room tables, my writing/crap table in the bedroom, the filing cabinets and shelves in the computer room and tore apart the guest room/crap room once again, all the while questioning how we could lose such an important, albeit smallish, bag of screws, springs…and…oh yeah, wheels…

Wheels. You know, rolly things for the bottom of the crib legs – perhaps like those in the very first bag of stuff we picked up in the guest/crap room that we had assumed were those for my little filing cabinet. So, three hours later, and having already resigned to purchasing a new crib, [we gleefully made the leap that we would be unable to find all necessary parts at Home Depot since, yes, we are that inept] we picked up the ziploc bag that had been stored nearest to the crib to find that it contained not only wheels, but a handful of appropriately threaded screws and perfectly sized springs.

And we assembled the crib in under half an hour.

The telling sign that we are far too disorganized for the good of babyQ? From this little adventure, I did not learn to appreciate a good solid storage system; I learned simply that I should trust my instincts and use whatever I grab first. We’ll see how long that works…

3 responses to “just a few loose screws

  1. Oh come now. If someone like me can have two of them you surely stand a chance. The eldest child turned three this weekend so I think if she can survive with the likes of me at the helm you two will do just fine.

    When we got our crib from friends I managed to misplace the mattress!!!! How does one render themselves incapable of finding something that big?!?! I can.

  2. LOL! I’m in the same group as you. The key is to look for something else. Whenever I’m looking for something, I find the thing we’d been looking for before, but had never found. The other solution… buy lots… we had about twenty soothers with my DS cause we kept loosing them. Good luck!

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