edema queen

Things I have learned today:

1. my ankles really can expand to puff out over my shoes

2. is it possible that I will not fit any work-appropriate footwear in the near future

3. I really can drink copious amounts of water and still be thirsty [and have a normal glucose tolerance test]

4. walking stiff-legged is not sexy in any way, shape and/or form

5. even what was once my most forgiving sock can alter the landscape of the top of my foot for hours

6. puffy feet are itchy feet

All in all, a very enlightening day – not exactly the kind of stuff I really ever wanted to know, but enlightening all the same. Dr. R has already informed me during my last visit that, even it I puff up like a balloon, as long as my blood pressure is fine, we will do nothing about swollen extremities. Balloons, I figure, are at least smooth and even. Puffy ankles and feet are more … let’s say … misshapen and dented [okay, that’s probably from the now ill-fitting footwear, but whatever]. There is little that is fun, light, floaty, summery, festive and balloon-like about them. What I have to ask Dr. R next time is why, exactly, we do nothing. This is presenting as a rather do something kind of thing. I got six months of physiotherapy for a few stiff tendons in my ankles in 2004 and, I have to say, this certainly looks worse – even if it is just caused by a little extra fluid.

There is one good thing in all this that is making the discomfort and lack of shoe options a little more bearable. Until the next doctor visit, at least, I get to literally come home and put my feet up for a few hours.

6 responses to “edema queen

  1. the swelling is from the pregnancy? another reason for me to reconsider…

  2. Animal ~


    Lord, my toes were like sausages by month 8-9 – and I was due in July in the South… eek…

    How are you doing Jenn… I need to scroll and read I suppose (duh?)

  3. Hey all foot swelling isn’t from pregnancy. At least that leaves you with something good at the end. My foot is swolen from a fall and still has all the same sock and shoe problems. The Dr. says it will return to normal. So you do not suffer alone.

  4. aaahh – summer heat and pregnancy??!!! I’d boycott walking around right then and there. And buy stocks in ice and popsicles.

    Ankles aside, I’m still doing disturbingly well – I keep waiting for something evil, but this seems to be as bad as it gets. (uh, yeah, talk to me after the labour)

    Is it so wrong for me to take comfort in your misery dr.john?? (get better soon!)

    In the mean time, I have super feet powers to discover… 😛

  5. I was pregnant all summer, and last year here was the hottest summer we have had in a while, my ankles swelled up in may and stayed that way until october when I had my daughter, you have my DEEPEST sympathy

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