the dr. will see you now


Tomorrow is a very medical day for Mr.Q and I, beginning with the next regularly scheduled visit with maternity Dr. R and winding down the day with the obligatory maternity ward tour.

In between that, we have an appointment with Dr. O. Dr. O is a family doctor down the street from Dr. R who is presently accepting new patients. And, since we discovered a couple of weeks ago that our family doctor, Dr. W, has moved to a far far away clinic, we need a new family doctor. Upon calling the office of Dr. O, we were told that, yes, he is taking on new patients and that we could book a consultation appointment to see if we like him and so that he can see if he’s interested in having us as patients.

What the hell??? Are doctors allowed to do that??

Basically, my only criteria include: 1. are you planning to retire in the next 5 years and 2. are you an idiot.

Aside from that, I have other questions, but those are mostly just for my information: what hospital do you have admitting rights to, what are the clinic hours, etc etc.

I would gather that his criteria would be meant to assess whether or not Mr.Q and I are idiots and/or hypochondriacs but, really, even if, can he actually refuse to take us on? [and, while we may have our issues, idiocy and hypochondriac-ism aren’t generally among them. poor spelling and making up words, yes, but that’s different] Are we going to be asked for references from Dr. R and Dr. W? Will our dress be assessed for outward signs of flaky tendencies? Do we admit to not only consorting with chiropractors and naturopaths, but that we’ve actually found both to be beneficial? And, finally, would we want a doctor with whom these things would be an issue?

I’m having Seinfeld flashbacks – the episode in which Elaine was searching out a new doctor, though, to my knowledge, I have no red pen in my file. Regardless, it’s still rather disconcerting.

Should this not work out with Dr. O [oh, no, it’s not you, it’s me … but I think perhaps it’s best if we don’t actually see each other], there are a few other doctors around who may still be accepting new patients – should we all manage to pass each others’ interviews.

I must now go review my criteria…

3 responses to “the dr. will see you now

  1. Yes, here in Canada, doctors can decline to accept you as a patient. I haven’t had a primary care physician in over five years.

    Really, if you were a doctor, would you want to take on a patient who is sick and needs a lot of attention, or one you’ll hardly ever see?

  2. Here in the states they will take anyone, I mean ANYONE, it is sad to sit in the waiting room and see all the kids that look like they haven’t had anything good to eat in a couple days. And if you have a baby, you only can take up to 12 weeks, after that, if you don’t come back they don’t have to hold your position.

  3. I always find it odd, but more often borderline scary, how different, and sometimes disjointed, things can be – not only between between countries, but between the provinces too.

    Having said that, I have a new criterion: google the name of the potential new doctor to look for previous instances of disciplinary action before booking an appointment and having the suggested bloowork done.

    As such, the doctor search continues…

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