a new phase

Leaving the lab of my test site and now entering a trial phase of usage: a different template!

Ever since I lost the stripes, I haven’t felt quite right about things and, instead of constantly re-mangling the colours of the former scheme, I figured I might was well switch it up entirely. I’m hoping to make a few minor edits, but this is pretty much it.

So, let me know if anything appears wonky, cut off or just plain odd or unfriendly. What are people’s thoughts on rolling up a blogroll??

Smart me, this time I’ve saved the old template in case I have to go back to it…

The Weatherman, who inhabited the sidebar last week, has made his way into the former tenants – don’t forget to keep up to date on his posts!

2 responses to “a new phase

  1. Hey! I liked the stripes, too bad you got so lambasted in your review for them. BUT, I love the new template! It’s soothing… very nice! 🙂

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