I guess everyone has their issues

The family doctor search continues.

As noted in follow up to my last Dr. post, I now have a new rule: google the doctor’s name before booking the appointment and getting the requested bloodwork done.

After our consultation visit last week with our potential new doctor, he was willing to have us as patients and I couldn’t really come up with any reason not to return, despite what could have been an abrupt attitude – but it was the end of the day before a long weekend, I was tired and likely reading more into the 10 minute visit than was actually there.

But it was still enough to make me look into him a little more … and find an apparent history of inappropriate behaviour in another part of the country, to which he plead guilty and for which he was disciplined. [I say apparent only because we have no solid a to b link that this is, undeniably, the same person – but it’s not a common name, the timeline is reasonable, and incidents took place in the city in which he went to medical school. And really, I don’t feel like taking the gamble.] There are a lot of things I could have gotten over, but this particular set of circumstances isn’t one of them, despite the fact that the incidents occurred over 10 years ago. I was actually surprised how much detail is online – and that’s good, just surprising.

Having spent the 24 hours or so post-google feeling particularly creeped out, we now have our applications in with another clinic where there are three [women] doctors who are selectively accepting new patients.

Much to our content, their google search results were much less exciting.

3 responses to “I guess everyone has their issues

  1. I have to start a search for a doctor soon as I still haven’t registered here in London! A daunting task… good luck!

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