babyQ stats


Another Episode of Things I’ve Learned:

  1. BabyQ may be a girl [per the ultrasound tech] … or a boy [per the rather emphatic lady on the elevator at work the other day and per my mother-in-law’s tarot card reader].
  2. BabyQ likes popsicles. A lot. And pancakes. And any other breakfast food. Except sausages – those are gross.
  3. BabyQ takes up an inordinate amount of space and, for some reason, not only in my gut, but in my ankles and neck as well.
  4. Pre-babyQ, forgetting to wear my rings made for oh-so interesting and innuendo-filled lunch time outings [in my head, anyway]. Now, since it’s just plain impossible to wear my rings, it’s not so exciting.
  5. Pants, regardless of how much elastic is in the waistband, suck.
  6. Simply because of the presence of babyQ, people no longer believe me when I say I’m feeling fine. So, I’m forced to fake extra exhaustion.
  7. BabyQ has been known to party for hours on end in the middle of the night … but only when I’m already really, really tired and don’t need to fake extra exhaustion.
  8. Finally, and most disturbingly, babyQ is growing such that my belly button is no longer centered, but off to the right.

And, as of today, I have roughly six more weeks to learn new things before they all become redundant with the grand finale of the Impending Birth. But, then, maybe my belly button will go back where it belongs.

7 responses to “babyQ stats

  1. Never underestimate the knowledge of strange ladies in elevators…

    And I feel for your pants problem. I have that too. Of course, I’m not pregnant, but that’s another comment for another day…

  2. I love reading your site because it takes me back to last October when I was SICK TO DEATH OF BEING PREGNANT ALREADY. The sad part is that I didn’t start blogging until the Creep was born so I don’t have a record of it. You don’t mind if I totally filch your stuff and pretend it is mine do you? (ok, I would never do that…I don’t think. I am fairly sure I would never do that. To you.)

    Stretchy dancer’s pants saved my life once I got over how they clung to my ass. Maternity pants suck because they kept falling down. Nothing more atractive then a ready-to-pop woman hitching up her pants every two steps while walking down the block. I weep to remember it.

    On the plus side you get a baby when it is all done!

  3. Useless – yes, everyone does seem to take these strange ladies rather seriously…

    MamaG – I’m at the enough already! point about 1/4 of the time, usually when my pants are riding a little lower than socially acceptable. Glad to bring back such lovely memories! Re: filching – I’m sure it’s more of a great minds think alike thing, no? (Kind of like the first time I went to your site from my updated template and realised that my background colour’s a few shades off of yours…? But it is a very cool colour after all) 😛

  4. A word of warning on number 3. If you think BabyQ takes up an inordinate amount of space now, just wait until the arrival and all the various equipment that comes with!!

  5. LMAO! I hope when I am preggers someday my baby will love breakfast food also. Mmmm, pancakes.

  6. my baby was salad, thousand island dressing, and fried mushrooms.. as for #6, tell them to piss off, your feeling fine your feeling fine. #7, your so going to have a girl, Morgan decided to pop in Richard Simmons work out about 11pm everynight…

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