what a difference a doctor makes

I am at once more relieved and more pissed off.

Having visited potential new family doctor number 2 [aptly named Dr. W, as was our former family doctor who moved far, far away], Mr.Q and I are both much more at ease with, not only the doctor – who presented as an absolutely honest, sincere care giver – but the clinic as well. Never mind the decor, the entire mood was vastly improved at clinic number 2 and it was, in general, a much easier place to be. Busy and a little bit of a commute, but oh-so much more inspiring of a little confidence and trust in the staff and doctors who work there. Kind of important, I figure…

All this just makes me crankier at both uninviting clinic and sketchy doctor number 1. Add to the that the questionable usefulness of the blood tests doctor number 1 ordered – the results for which are almost always elevated during pregnancy, so testing is not generally viewed as relevant until at least 6 weeks post-partum – and I really begin to wonder. Dr.R, at our next maternity visit later this week, had plans to ask how our family doctor search went. And I intend to tell her.

I just hope she takes my blood pressure reading beforehand.

2 responses to “what a difference a doctor makes

  1. It is always a comfort when you find a doc you can feel at ease with, I was a little scared when I first went to the doc with Morgan, she was a week old and her umbilcal was looking fugly… I call about 4pm in the after noon and they said bring her on in we will squeeze her in some where.. Now I was thinking we would be there for hours and then make us an appointment… the minute we got there and checked in, I was seen in about 5 min, and was outta there in 10. That is when I found the right place.. Hey I just noticed the add thanks.. if you need girl clothes I have got plenty! 🙂

  2. I have still not found a permanent doctor for the Creep – we have seen two different doctors in 3 visits.

    (grumbles about how she wishes she had thought ahead and found a doctor when she was pregnant, then remembers how tired she was when she was pregnant and admires Jenn for expending all of her small reserve of energy on a search for a doctor)

    Hey, if you hear of a good doctor out my way drop me a line huh?

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