weight a minute

oh, how punny of me…

I finally broke down and went bra shopping yesterday. I figure I might as well have at least a couple of appropriate undergarments, even if they end up only being transition items. I seem to be gathering a lot of stuff that falls into the category of transition item – pants, shirts, undergarments, god only knows how much of the actual baby stuff may or may not be usable up front, depending on the girth and/or length of babyQ.

But, with the intent of being able to pack a hospital bag, I bought bras yesterday.

I know that not much exciting has happened, since I’ve been able wear my regular bras 8 months into the pregnancy, but they have been getting a little snug – I reasoned that I’d gone up at least a cup size. So, I sauntered into the maternity store wearing a 34B or 36B [depends on the manufacturer] and crept out with …


What the hell?? Only my rib cage has expanded?? How am I supposed to be some sort of lactation device if the boobs don’t get any bigger? Wasn’t that the whole bonus part of becoming pregnant – that I might actually fill out a t-shirt nicely? Mr.Q will certainly vouch for the fact that there are enough hormones tearing around right now – why aren’t any making their way to my chest??

It was more than slightly depressing. I’ve handled the weight gain gracefully, the bloating with only a slight sense of martyrdom and the aches, pains and charming blonde moments [read: general stupidity] with aplomb and gentle resignation. This was to have been my small, but oh-so happy reward. For once in my life, I should have made a C, damn it. But I have been denied.

And so, as a consolation prize, I bought nursing pads today. If I can’t grow a nice rack, I can at least legitimately stuff my new bras with several of these suckers to make it look like I did.

9 responses to “weight a minute

  1. With both my previous pregnancies, and it looks like this one too so far, I didn’t gain a whole lot during. By the time I left the hospital though and my milk came in. Well, lets just say my reaction was along the lines of “Woohoo! Real boobs!”

    -Amy http://www.modernprincess.com

  2. I ended up living in my nursing bra 24/7 for almost a year… you might want to get a couple new bras. Be glad you didn’t get to big (i hit 40 H).

  3. At the moment, I’m just trying to ration my bra purchases on the off chance that I maybe do get a little more … filled out. But I will have to eventually get a few more. A gabillion 38B’s aren’t going to help if I ever do make a C!

    Though, should I get to H, I think I might be spending more time in my chiropractor’s or massage therapist’s office than with babyQ!

  4. Your rib cage has expanded because babyQ is not satisfied with hanging out in your tummy…they have actually crawled up into your chest cavity.

    Move over lungs, babies commin’ through.

    At least that is what The Creep did. For the last 3 months of my pregnancy he had a foot hooked up under my ribcage and it sucked! And if it isn’t babyQ it is definitely your stomach, kidneys, lungs, heart and the majority of your intestines.

    Don’t worry, my milk took several days comming in. I hit Double D’s. Movie Stah!

  5. Yeah, something’s definitely getting shoved around! So far (knocking on “wood” desk) there have been no feet in the rib cage – but we are getting punches to the bladder. Maybe a little less painful, but a little more … exciting.

  6. Don’t you worry. When the milk comes in, you will get boobs—BIG TIME. I hate bra shopping though. I absolutely hate it. I can never find one I like.

  7. When my milk game in I had a nursing bra with a an H cup, then when I started getting regular feedings it was down graded to a G cup. Now I am back in my normal DDD cause Morgan has stopped nursing.. It sucked finding sails that big.

  8. hm. I don’t even really like the ones I ended up buying – but they were the lesser of the evils with which I was presented.

    So, I get to do more bra shopping, eh?


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