the world may be coming to an end

Mr.Q has formed and expressed an opinion regarding the decorating of the basement.

I still feel a little stunned.

We spent yesterday rearranging all some of the crap that we had to rearrange a few months ago – before the wall construction and laying of flooring began. Now that the basement is livable, we have been slowly putting stuff back and reorganizing while we’re at it.

The majority of the basement will be dedicated to music stuff – guitars, keyboard, sax and Mr.Q’s all important digital recording/editing/putzing equipment. For this last item, we need a desk. The original plan was to have our contractor build bookshelves and a desk, but this is probably going to take a lot longer than we originally thought. This fellow builds and renovates upscale houses, for god’s sake. The basement of our townhouse is a low priority for him [and that was agreed upon by both parties at the outset of this little venture, so I, in no way, am cranky about it]. However, while I can live without bookcases for a few more months, we really can’t go without a desk. I had thought, perhaps, to get a couple of rectangular tables; they could be rearranged, if needed, would fit the equipment and the ones I liked would also fit around the existing outlets and baseboard heater.

All through the basement project, Mr.Q has kept his views and opinions to a minimum, leaving the majority of the decision making to me [despite my constant nagging for any sort of input]. From the paint colour, to the wall placement, to the flooring, to the location of the furniture and instruments, I’ve had the pleasure of deciding it all.

Until yesterday.

Mr.Q has declared that he wants a desk “like the one in the office”.

And our desk is, indeed, a kickass desk – a spacious, unfussy, solid, corner desk. But it so does not fit in terms of the colour scheme that I’ve been allowed to run rampant with. However, I fear that I have little recourse. I’ve already shot myself in the foot. In an effort to try and elicit any previous decor insights from him, I kept insisting that the basement is to be his room and, really, he should get what he wants.

And now, he has decided what he wants.

Damn it, anyway.

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