dream a little dream

Apparently, odd dreams are not uncommon during the later stages of pregnancy – for those times when one actually gets to sleep around the tiny bladder, joint pain and general discomfort, that is. And, so, instead of another episode of Things I’ve Learned, I’d like to present:

Things I’ve Learned While Sleeping:

  1. According to an unnamed expert in a lab coat, great white sharks are closely related to spring salmon.
  2. I have been in a recording studio with kd lang, Ivan E. Coyote and another middle aged woman [I really want to say Vicki Gabereau, but I’m just not sure that’s who it was…]. We recorded a set of AC/DC and Metallica covers.
  3. It is still possible to get into …um … rather satisfying positions in dreamland that are so physically ridiculous and not sexy in the real world at 8 months pregnant. Maybe this dreaming thing is okay after all…
  4. Two giant snow flakes fell during a sunny, warm day. And it made perfect, meteorological sense. At the time.
  5. Hip flexor spasms are quite capable of wrenching one out of a deep sleep and thereby denying profound learning opportunities such as these.

I’m sure there are a significant number of dreams that I’m not remembering, and I know there are ones that I’ve just plain forgotten about – I know I knew them, but they’re gone.

I’m surprised that my brain has the energy to dream. Really, I’d rather that it focused on keeping my foot out of my mouth and my words in order [things like: “but the goal got the hockey player!” and “we need paper toilet” have been uttered far too often as of late]. But, I can only hope that my brain has chosen this route for some greater purpose. At least, if I’m dreaming, I’m sleeping.

And the way the last few nights have been going, I’ll take whatever sleep I can get.


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2 responses to “dream a little dream

  1. I had crazy dreams in the 9 month..a lot of them didn;t make any sense of all…enjoy the sleep! YOU WILL NEED IT!!!!:)

  2. thanks đŸ˜€

    I am trying to make the most of every minute I get, even now, though I suspect that my current sleeplessness and interruptions are some sort of set up…

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